Posted by: Jena Davison | December 5, 2012

10 Things You Should Know About Outdoor Concerts at Parque Carolina During Fiestas de Quito:

1) If the concert says it will start at 7 p.m., plan to come around three hours later, because the main act won’t play until 10 p.m. or after.

2) Expect chaos entering the event, as it WILL be poorly organized. Expect the line to be hours long and expect people to cut the line in droves. Expect people to scream “cerdos!” (pigs!) at the police officers who should be doing something about it but aren’t.

3) It WILL rain. Even if it appears to be a clear night when you leave your house, it will rain eventually and will probably (most inconveniently and uncomfortably) happen just as the main act takes the stage. Come prepared with a poncho or umbrella. Which brings me to my next point…

4) Don’t expect to actually open your umbrella during the main act as thousands of angry people will scream at you for blocking their view. Don’t be that asshole that obstructs the stage view with your umbrella, unless you want your umbrella to end up broken.

5) Ecuadorians WILL find a way to start and participate in a mosh pit at an outdoor (or indoor) concert, no matter what type of music is playing. Expect to be pushed around and to jump up and down a lot.

6) People—lots of people—will be drinking pure Zhumir out of bottles. Sharing is caring.

7) Children under the age of 10 years old WILL be snaking through the crowds trying to sell packets of gum and cigarettes to you. Oh, yes, nothing better than buying a cigarette from a homeless 8-year-old!

8) Ecuadorians don’t respect personal space on public buses, so why should they at concerts? The crowd will be packed tight. Stand way in the back if you want breathing room. Also, keep in mind that this means prime territory for pickpockets, so leave valuables at home or hold them close to you at all times.

9) You WILL see someone you know. Whether it is your boyfriend’s best friend’s cousin or your one night stand from three years ago, expect to see them here. Even a crowd of thousands feels small in Quito, where everyone knows each other. Do yourself a favor, and take one last look in to mirror before leaving the house.

10) Leaving the concert can be just as much as a clusterfuck as entering. If you are hoping to catch a taxi outside, leave before the concert ends or expect to wait for an hour—or physically fight someone—to get one. But don’t worry! There will be tons of stands selling sketchy grilled meat kebabs and beers outside the gate–just expect to wait in line for an hour—or physically fight someone—to get some!

In all fairness, though, it is a great time! I went to the Café Tacuba show last night with some friends and really enjoyed it, and made it home safely—though a bit wet. I am looking even more forward to the Julieta Venegas concert this Thursday at 7 p.m. (I mean 10 p.m.). Here is some Café Tacuba music to get you through the day! Feliz Fiestas de Quito!

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