Posted by: Jena Davison | August 9, 2012

TOXIAFICHES: Arte, Petróleo y Resistencia

Last night I went to an event at La Naranjilla Mecánica called “TOXIAFICHES: Arte, Petróleo y Resistencia.” La Naranjilla Mecánica is a funky bar in La Floresta that has rotating art exhibits. Last night was the inauguration of a new exhibit dedicated to the theme of environmental degradation in the Ecuadorian Amazon due to oil drilling by Texaco (which is now Chevron) in the late-1960s to early-1990s.

For those of you who do not know anything about this environmental disaster, its horrendous consequences, and the class action suit that has been seeking justice since 1993, I urge you to read this excellent article that was published in the New Yorker, or to watch the documentary Crude, which I write a bit about in this post about my trip to the Cuyabeno Reserve, the previous site of Texaco drilling.

The art exhibit was organized by La Asamblea de Afectados por Texaco (Assembly of People Affected by Texaco), El Frente de Defensa de la Amazonía (The Front for the Defense of the Amazon) and Amazon Watch. There were several guest speakers from these organizations, and Pablo Fajardo, who is part of the team of lawyers representing the plaintiffs and who is a main character in Crude, also spoke. Beyond sharing a few heartbreaking stories about affected indigenous communities in the Amazon, the main point was that of taking action and seeking justice.

Forty-three different pieces of artwork were displayed last night, and they will continue to be on display for the next two or three weeks, so stop on by La Naranjilla Mecánica if you’d like to see them in person. For those who can’t, I have shared a few of them with you here. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. So glad to read about this exhibition. I’m not currently in Ecuador, so I’m sad to miss this.

  2. Interesante galeria, muy buena, utilizando petroleo para cosas diferentes.

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