Posted by: Jena Davison | April 2, 2012

Puerto López’s Fish Market

Puerto López’s oceanfront transforms into an authentic fish market in the early mornings as local fishermen lug loads of fish onto the shore to weigh, filet and sell them. These fish are then served in coastal restaurants, sent to other parts of the country or even exported abroad. Below are some photos of the fish market in full force one morning:

Parked Fishing Boats in Puerto López

Fresh Catch

Weighing the Goods

Mercado de Pescado

Nimble Knives

Fish Filet

I’ve mentioned this in several other posts in the past, but I always find it quite fascinating to follow food from its source to my mouth. The average American consumes over a thousand pounds of food a year, yet most of us don’t know where our food comes from or how it was produced and transported. This disconnect is harmful to nature, our health and to the general food production system. I have to admit, it was quite captivating and shocking to watch this honest and open fish market in action…blood, guts and all.

All photos were taken by Jena Davison in Puerto López, Ecuador.  © All Rights Reserved 2012.


  1. Great shots! Just talked about you with a gal from Canada (very cool) who is heading to Quito and wants to rent a room for a month… she´s going t to email you (or contact you via here). Got to get your Banos guide up, just now getting to access account… hope all´s well, Molly

    • Wonderful! Will look out for her email then…
      Good to hear from you, glad you like the photos!

  2. Jenna
    Being a seafood lover and x chef. I’m loving your photos.
    Been living in Central Amer. for 6 years looking to try out Guayoqal to get my residency and fill of city life and then move down to the Ayangue area or there abouts. Any Blogs or advice you could suggest?
    Keep up the great work.
    Michael Fulgenzi

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