Posted by: Jena Davison | December 23, 2011

Quito Restaurants: Splurge vs. Steal (Sushi)

I am starting a new feature on my blog called “Quito Restaurants: Splurge vs. Steal.” Every so often, I will write about two restaurants in a certain category of food (such as Thai or Mexican food): one that is affordable and of good value and one that is expensive but worth the splurge. We all deserve to splurge once in a while, right?

The first post in this series is on sushi. Quito has several good and not-so-good sushi places, and some of those not-so-good places also happen to be not-so-cheap. So try these, and you’ll never have a sushi setback again:

Splurge: NoeNoe is an upscale sushi bar with a few locations throughout the city. California rolls here run upwards of $7, but you’d be missing out if you didn’t order one of the more creative chef creations, such as the Rollo Kanebi ($10.30), a sushi roll filled with prawns, crab and octopus and topped with an orange, soy and miso sauce. Sashimi choices range from tuna and salmon to scallops, costing up to $15.90 for five pieces. If you don’t love sushi, there are plenty of seafood and meat mains to choose from, including baked salmon stuffed with crab in a passionfruit sauce (accompanied by grilled shrimp) ($21.10), prawn tempura with veggies in a ginger sauce ($16.50) and simple grilled beef ($29.90). Oh, and Noe has a delivery service…to kick those cravings on a cold, rainy night!

Address: Isabel La Católica 24, La Floresta; also in El Jardín mall, CCI mall and Quicentro mall food courts; and in Cumbayá: Manabí and Francisco de Orellana, Plaza Cumbaya

Steal: Fuji Sushi–This hole-in-the-wall sushi place may not catch your eye if you are walking by, but for the price, the sushi is more than decent. You can get an eight-piece California roll for $4.50, and it comes with miso soup and a piece of tofu. For the fried food lovers out there, a heaping plate of vegetable tempura only costs $3. Of course, there are fancier, more expensive (though not expensive, per say) sushi options as well, in addition to teriyaki dishes and some Chinese specialties. However, you can easily get a satisfying Asian meal here for around $10, drink included.

Address: Robles 609 and Juan León Mera, La Mariscal



  1. NOE is awesome..! I have to say that I’ve been reading thru some of your posts, and they are very good. Having lived in Quito myself, your perspective and insight brings back so many memories. You have to try a place I miss so much since I returned to the US (work related reasons). LaCosta Seafood located at Ave Jose de Villalengua N37-159 y Nunez de Vela. It is right behind the Previsora Building where the Registro Civil operates now. It is a Seafood fusion I wish I could find here in Florida, but no luck yet..!
    Anyway, let Jimmy know that I said hi..!

    • Hi George!

      Thanks for your kind words. So glad some of my posts have brought you back to Quito! I’ll have to check out that restaurant when I get back to Quito (I’m in the States now), but looking forward to it! Cheers!


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