Posted by: Jena Davison | October 4, 2011

Guide to Tomato Products in Ecuador

Just to be clear, it is a rite of passage to confuse these tomato products upon arrival to Ecuador. Almost everyone I know (myself included) has bought one of the below items, expecting it to be another. In order to avoid putting ketchup on your spaghetti, use this as reference:

Pasta de Tomate is TOMATO PASTE, not Pasta Sauce

Pasta de Tomate

Salsa de Tomate is KETCHUP, not Tomato Sauce

Salsa de Tomate

Salsa is SAUCE, not the chopped tomato dip eaten with tortilla chips. If you want that, ask for DIPPAS or SALSA DIPPAS.

Salsa and Chips

Tomate de Arból (tree tomato) is not a TOMATO at all, it is a fruit that is used to make juices or as a base for salsa de ají (hot sauce).

Tomate de Arbol

How about that for some confusing tomato lingo?


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