Posted by: Jena Davison | August 28, 2011

Back in Action

I apologize, I have totally abandoned this blog for the past few months. And it’s a shame, because I have had the opportunity to travel to some really fantastic places during that time, places I’d love to share with all of you. Since I wrote last, I have straddled the equator, spent a night in a volcanic crater, gone canyoning, chilled in hot springs and visited the Amazon jungle. I have taught a travel writing course in Buenos Aires, slept on the beach in Uruguay and gone back to the States for an extended visit.

Amazon Sunset

I have lived with a gold-digger (yes, a real one!), two Colombian models (or strippers?), a 58-year old woman with a southern twang and outward sex drive, a law student interning with a refugee rights organization, a University of Chicago PhD student researching environmental rights in the Ecuadorian constitution—all of who have made for some interesting conversations, many WTFs, and lots of laughs. My apartment has been robbed, my boyfriend has moved away, and my favorite colleagues have quit. I have hosted my sister, one of my best friends from college and one of my best friends from my camp counselor days. I have  joined a local food cooperative, attended my first Ecuadorian wedding, and seen my first Spanish movie in theaters without subtitles.

My Sister and Me in Quito

It has been a ridiculous ride, but I would not—or should not—expect anything else from living in this ciudad loca (crazy city). And there is much more to come…

Please check back on this blog every so often to check in on my crazy South American adventures! From here on out, I’ll be updating weekly.


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