Posted by: Jena Davison | April 5, 2010

Quieres ir de farra? De ley…

I finally began taking my promised Spanish classes last Monday. From now on, I have four hours of Spanish class a week–two hours on Monday and two hours on Wednesday. I have not taken a formal Spanish class in over two years and I am quickly realizing how many Spanish grammar rules have slipped my mind since then. However, I do think my Spanish vocabulary has grown exponentially in that time, but it is definitely still nice to refresh it all. Last week was particularly fun because we reviewed the imperativo tense, which is basically like the command form, so in my good-student fashion, I practiced it on my colleague/V!VA mapmaker Jesua by bossing him around all week. Cambie los puntos por favor! (Change the points, please!) Pon la scala aqui ahorita! (Put the scale here now!) Arregle el tamaño del mapa! (Fix the size of the map!) Luckily he was a good sport and followed the commands accordingly.

Jesua asked me a couple of weeks ago my favorite part of living in Quito. Instead of mentioning the gorgeous mountains encasing the city, the Latin flair bubbling in the salsa clubs or the incredible contrast of old and new in Quito, I told him my favorite part was being able to speak Spanish daily. I still think this holds true. I am not sure when my passion for and interest in the language sprouted, but since that unknown moment, I have almost had tunnel-vision on wanting to become fluent in Spanish.

What more, I have actually fallen in love with Ecuadorian Spanish. Ecuadorians speak more clearly and slowly than people from other Spanish-speaking countries and and I can´t get enough of the Ecuadorian slang I pick up here and there. I love how they add ¨ito¨or ¨ita¨to everything (momentito, ratito, ahorita, gordita, facilito, centavito, dolarito, casita, cafécito, pollito, chiqita…the list goes on and on). I also noticed how they add isimo/isima to everything for extra emphasis (riquisimo, buenisimo, muchisimo)…or for even bigger emphasis…riquicisimo, buenisisimo or muchisisimo….

Here is a guide to some Ecuadorian slang I have picked up so far:

farra- party

chuchaqui- hungover

de ley- for sure

muchar- to make out/kiss

vamos a chupar- let´s get wasted

mande?- what?/huh?

fresco- cool/relaxed

cheveré- cool

buenaso- cool/really good

bacán- cool/sweet

álo- to answer the phone

chompa- jacket

gringuero- guy who likes to hunt for/get with gringas (foreigners)

canguil- popcorn

chucha- pussy

chuta!- damn!

sigue no más- go ahead

trago- alcoholic beverage

pana- dude

te cacho- I understand you/gotcha

There is so much more slang to be had here in Ecuador, but yet I either haven´t come across it in everyday conversation, or have, but didn´t pick up on the meaning. I will try to update this list as I continue to expand my Ecuadorian slang vocabulary : )



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